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Budget Traveler
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Welcome to the pleasant and debate free travel discussion forum. The main goal for this community is to promote the travel among those in college or of a limited fixed income. (Such as myself.) Please feel free to talk about both domestic and international travel. The following are the general community rules, which will change if needed. Anycase, enjoy and post away. Also feel free to visit the links they are pretty useful and contain a lot of usable information.

General Guidelines
*We cover every angle of traveling on a budget. But because everyone has a different idea of what “budget” could mean. I’ve defined it as spending no more than $1000 on domestic trips, and $2500 on international including airfare, hotels, food and tours. Trips should not exceed the previously stated limits.
*Please do not use this community as your personal entry site. No one really cares if you aced your mid-terms, or you had a fight with your mom. That's what your journal is for.
*This community is for general discussion of travel, but feel free to post images, but do so behind a cut so it doesn't bog down the dial-up users. Sexually explicit images will be removed, the user banned, and reported to LJ SysOps in accordance with LiveJournal's Terms Of Service Agreement.
*No advertising, of online travel sites, personal travel agent sales, eBay etc... This community not here for sales, or promoting corporate tour promotions.
*Off topic posts are deleted and marked as spam.

Topic Finder: Use the tags to the right to look for official travel article posted on this community by the maintainer. The tags are sorted by subject manner.
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Travel Poll
Which of the following was the best place to travel to on a budget?
Central Asia
Asia Pacific
Middle East
Antarctica & Arctic
North America
South America
Central America
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